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Peer Groups:

I lead Peer Groups for founder CEOs of startup and scaling businesses from $1M – $25M in revenues (see Overview and FAQs).


I advise founder CEOs, boards of directors and VC/PE investors on business strategy.


I angel invest in net positive B2B SaaS / Data / AI startups with traction.


Mike Potter, Co-founder and CEO

Rewind – backups for SaaS

“Alex has been an instrumental advisor to me over the course of the last four years as Rewind has grown from a team of twelve people with early product market fit to being the world leader in backups for SaaS with over 50,000 customers and an average product rating of 4.8. Some of the ways in which Alex has been most helpful have included as a catalyst and sounding board on strategy, providing guidance on positioning, fundraising, investor relations and running effective board meetings, making introductions to VCs and key team members, and serving as an engaged Observer on our Board.

I have a copy of my initial outreach to Alex in December of 2017 as a reminder of the impact he has had on my and Rewind’s growth. You can read more about my experience with Alex as an advisor and mentor in this blog post and I strongly recommend that any B2B SaaS connect with him to de-risk and accelerate their business growth.”

Anita Ramdas, founder and CEO


“I am very grateful to have Alex as an advisor and investor for ShuffleSpace, and to be part of his CEO Peer Group. He is a trusted and insightful sounding board for whatever is top of mind for me in strategy, financing, sales, or team dynamics.

His feedback has been invaluable on hiring and team performance, and has been instrumental in helping me build and adjust our team to deliver on our growth objectives.

I am also grateful for the numerous introductions he has made for our financing, most of which have been an excellent fit for our type and stage of company, and to prospective partners and team members.”

Pouria Ghods, Co-founder and CEO


“I am grateful to Alex for the guidance and perspective he provided for our fundraising efforts. He provided me with a set of questions that helped us to filter the myriad prospective investors and identify the ones who would be the best partners for Giatec. Going through those questions increased our confidence and gave us a measure of control over our process. I continue to refer to that set of questions when speaking with interested parties, and have been happy to pay them forward to other CEOs who request my advice on their fundraising processes.”

Will Li, founder and CEO


“Being a part of Alex’s CEO Peer Group has been an excellent growth experience for me as a CEO. The opportunity to share challenges with and learn from other CEOs going through the same issues aligns perfectly with my focus on continuous learning. It has enabled me to increase my effectiveness as a leader. I have also appreciated our one-on-one conversations and his introductions, which have helped me plan the scaling of our business operations at TutorOcean. Grateful for the growth and connections this experience has brought.”

Elias Hage, Co-founder And CEO


“I have the pleasure of being a member of one of Alex’s CEO Peer Groups and it has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. The diversity of the group brings a unique perspective to the discussions, and the shared goal of building great companies creates a sense of camaraderie and support.

The topics we cover in our group are ones that CEOs can seldom share with their board or team, but we are able to have open and honest conversations about them that come from a place of truth and genuine interest in solving the challenges of our peers.

I highly recommend that any CEO looking to expand their knowledge and network while also receiving support and guidance from like-minded individuals join one of Alex’s CEO Peer Groups.”

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, founder and CEO


“I have gotten a ton of value out of being in Alex’s CEO Peer Group: getting the perspective of other CEOs on some of the challenges I face and simply having the opportunity to connect and share experiences with others in similar roles and situations. Alex’s guidance on scaling up my business, organizational development & culture, and board governance has also been helpful and timely. I highly recommend Alex as a CEO Peer Group leader and advisor.”

Tunch Akkaya, Co-founder and CEO


“Leading an early-stage company has unique challenges, and Alex has been very helpful with informed and insightful advice. For example, in reviewing our high level business strategies, he helped with asking the hard questions, helping us stay on the right path for growth and longevity. 

The CEO Peer Group that Alex leads has been an invaluable resource for me as a first-time founder CEO. It’s a supportive group of fellow founder CEOs of businesses at similar stages of growth, with shared experiences and common challenges. Being in the group provides a sense of camaraderie, promotes accountability, and enables me to accelerate my learning through the challenges that are openly shared and discussed. 

I highly recommend Alex’s advisory services and peer group to any early-stage company seeking strategic direction and a supportive and constructive community.”


Tim Wekezer, Co-founder and CEO


“Alex Rink has been an absolute rock star advising us on the M&A process we’ve been going through with two different companies. The transaction isn’t complete yet, but we know we’re well-advised by Alex. Any company going through an M&A process, look no further and talk to Alex!”

Max Bailey, Co-founder and CEO


“Being a member of Alex’s CEO Peer Group for nearly two years has been an immensely valuable experience. It has prompted me to implement numerous operational changes in my business. Beyond the Peer Group, Alex has been incredibly helpful and insightful in our one-on-one conversations, addressing the challenges and opportunities I encounter as a CEO, and has assisted our leadership team with workshops on company strategy.”

Mike & Jon King, Co-founders And co-CEOs

Stripe Studios

“Alex’s assistance as an advisor has been truly transformative for our business. His entrepreneurial expertise has clearly come through and made a significant positive impact on our growth journey. Under his guidance, we have refined our focus, refined our business objectives, and developed a compelling go-to-market strategy. On top of it all, he clearly cares about us as founders, and our success. Alex’s engagement has been an invaluable asset for Stripe, and we confidently and wholeheartedly recommend his services to any company looking to grow.”

Cassy Aite, Co-founder And CEO


“Alex Rink has been a trusted advisor to me and my Co-Founder for 2 years. He is one of the most well-read people we have ever met, always armed with relevant views to share with us and the practical experience to back it up. For example, he has guided us through key hiring decisions, strategic positioning, fundraising, introductions to customers, angels and VCs, and how to navigate complex deals with partners and enterprise customers.

As a founder, it’s easy to be skeptical of advisors but Alex is consistently able to challenge us (even if he agrees with us) to gain a new perspective and does not try to enforce his views – we think of him as a sherpa that is not forcing us down a path but rather shows us paths we didn’t know existed. Alex has helped us to pivot and find product-market-fit, to rebuild our business to be stronger than ever before, and to become better entrepreneurs.”


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My name is Alexander Rink. Drawing upon over 20 years of experience growing early-stage companies, my team and I help CEOs and Boards of Directors of companies from $1M to $25M identify and resolve strategic and organizational challenges to accelerate their company’s growth in a capital efficient manner.

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